Sedna Design zásuvka 2-násobná clonky SCHUKO rámeček šroub. antracit

Sedna Design zásuvka 2-násobná clonky SCHUKO rámeček šroub. antracit
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Kód50SC_SDD314221VýrobceSchneiderZáruka24 měsícůEAN3606481482648
Schneider Electric Sedna Design & Elements socket-outlet SDD314221 is a complete product in color anthracite with side earth. The connection terminals of this socket-outlet are screw terminals. And this device is European standard. Its matching mounting box can be recessed into the surface of the wall with flush type. Being made of PC material, this socket-outlet is quite reliable and resistant. Painted surface finish makes it exceptionally wear and corrosion resistant. Its maximum power allowed of 3680W. And its rated current is 16A. It is 120 mm in width, 85 mm in height, 49 mm in depth, whose projecting depth is 24 mm. And the product weighs 0.095 kg. The fixing mode of this device is screws or claws. This product is sold in 1 piece. The outlet pole configuration of this socket-outlet is 2 x 2P + E with shutters. Besides, the IP rating of this device is IP20. Also, it has the quality label of CE, EAC. What's more, it well satisfied the standard of IEC 60884-1. It obtained AENOR, VDE certificate as well. Sedna Design and Elements is a premium range, with products that come in a variety of contemporary colors and textures that bring the look and feel of wood, stone, metal, and glass into your customers homes.