Sedna Design zásuvka vyrovnání potenciálu 1-násobná bílá

Sedna Design zásuvka vyrovnání potenciálu 1-násobná bílá
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Kód50SC_SDD111061VýrobceSchneiderZáruka24 měsícůEAN3606481478016
Schneider Electric Sedna Design & Elements equipotential socket SDD111061 is a in color white. It reaches IP20 degree of protection too. This equipotential earth socket is designed to prevent hazardous voltages occurring on medical equipment and reducing the likelihood of electric shocks to patients and healthcare staff. Equipotential Sockets have a main earth separate from the fixing screws earth to help isolate possible electrical noise in the room earth conductors from the earth pin of the socket via the fixing screws. Equipotential Earth Bonding Sockets create an equipotential earth bonded zone to help prevent significant touch voltages. These devices form a part of the protective system. Sedna Design and Elements is a premium range, with products that come in a variety of contemporary colors and textures. Sedna products bring the look and feel of wood, stone, metal, and glass into your customers’ homes. Your customers will love everything about these beautiful, hyper-realistic finishes, including their affordable pricing. With Wiser, the new Sedna range is also a simple smart home solution that responds to your customers’ needs and lifestyles.